So what inspires someone at the age of 61 to start a blog?  For me, it’s something I’ve been thinking about for too many years.  For many of those years I tried starting a journal and collected an assortment of journal booklets as you can see in this photo.


Yeah, I know, many successful writers keep a journal of sorts.  But I’m not a writer . . . just yet, that is.  I just could never find the moment to begin writing in one.  Every single page in these journals is empty, not a thing written down in any of them.  Oh, yeah, I tried different sizes, colors and styles but never got the inspiration to move forward.  I just can’t write in a small booklet like this, then transfer those thoughts to something more permanent.  I need to “really” do it.  Sorta like, if I open a bottle of wine, I drink it then, not take sips and drink it later.

What prompted me this time to actually get going?  I think along with an urgent desire it was reading a couple of Willa Cather books recently that did it.  Just over the weekend in Cather’s “The Song of the Lark” I came across a passage concerning the main character of the book, Thea, when she realized a turning point in her life; “It was as if she had an appointment to meet the rest of herself sometime, somewhere.  It was moving to meet her and she was moving to meet it.”

I think my “appointment” is here and now.  And I no longer will be putting this off.  I also recently realized many of the things I’ve been passionate about are starting to disappoint me to some extent and almost feel like an ending with them is near or at the very least, in a transition phase.  Could be I need to renew some life in those things and bring back some of those passions, but I also need to spark some new life in something adventurous, like writing on a blog and staying committed to it.

So, stay tuned, lots more to come.  I’ll be writing about many things.  Of course there’ll be stuff about hawks, heck, probably a lot of stuff about hawks!  Not so much detailed ID type things, I’ll leave that to the experts, just cool stuff in general.  But there’ll also be things about photography and all the other things I photograph.  There’ll be posts about places that Annie, my best friend & lovely wife, and I go to and the experiences we have.  And also, there’ll be plenty of just life things, sometimes thought provoking, sometimes just a glimpse of my life and things I ponder about at times and want to share.

Hope you enjoy it!